How to add region to multiple connected splines

I have a spline that I created from several splines (with auto link ON). The total spline is continuous without gaps. Im unable to create a region inside this complex spline. I hoped that I would highlight all the individual splines, and right click to add region. But there is no such option. Adding a layer from Geometry+region creates some random region instead. Adding regions to individual splines doesnt cover the entire interior.

With the spline selected you can click Layer>Make Region from the top menu to create a region from your spline. Since your spline is made up of several objects, you may need to do the same with regions.

thanks. I thought about this, but there are big problems:

  1. when a portion of the spline (which is unlooped) looks like S shape, parts of Region will be on the wrong side of the spline.
  2. some area will remain uncovered by any Region. example: have a circle build from 3 arcs. There will be a triangular area inside not covered by any Region.

ok, found a work-around for problem #2 (empty area not covered by the individual splines):
created a polygon area covering this empty area, and linked the vertexes of the polygon and the joining vertexes of the individual splines.

This is not pretty but works.

To me it’s a big deal because I find it difficult to accurately construct a character using only looped splines or ‘drawn’ looped splines.

While I wish a region could be added to combined splines, I realize coding this would be a lot of work.