How to add new Canvas?


I have installed Synfig Studio 0.62.00 on my Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze system.
I’m new to Synfig so I made my first Knight Rider animation by following tutorial.

I want to make a new animation with more than one canvas but in the menu Canvas -> New Canvas the ‘New Canvas’ is gray and inactive, so I can’t add new canvas to the animation. Why?

I want that that my animation start with a front page and after that start an animation with shapes and texts, etc.

Can I achieve this goal with more then one canvas, or if I can’t then how can I achieve it using just one canvas?
VonalzokKorzoHasznalataParhuzamosMerolegesVonalakRajzolasahoz.sifz (847 Bytes)

i) Create a Paste Layer in the Layers panel (either by “Encapsulate”-ing existing layers or creating a new, empty paste layer by right clicking on the Layers panel and selecting New Layer -> Other -> Paste Layer).

ii) Select the Paste Layer in the Layers panel.


iii) Go to the Parameters panel. Right click on the Canvas field where it says “Inline Canvas” and select “Export”.

iv) Enter a name for the exported canvas

v) Notice that the exported canvas now appears in the canvas browser.

I hope this helps.

Looks like that the menu item is not associated to any action so it is always greyed.

Apart of DaveJ comment I want to mention that it is not needed to export the canvas parameter to isolate groups of layers form others. Just encapsulate would create an “inline canvas” what will be enough for your intentions.

Other thing I’ve seen after open your file is that you use a rectangle to create a background for the start titles. It is ok but you can achieve it the same with a Solid Color layer (Geometry->Solid Color).

I’ve noticed one not desiderable behavior of the user interface after open your long name file. Looks like the file name length determines the width of the vertical dock, which is not a good behavior IMHO.

Good luck with the animation!