How to add a convertor to multiple selected vertices of a spline

(Hi, new forum user here, who came to this forum after not being able to find an answer using Google. I hope I’m posting in the right section.)

I’m doing an experiment trying to see if I can simulate a piece of cloth that is moving because of external random influences. For example the bottom of a dress. I hope you understand what I’m trying to do.

I have a spline and I want to add some randomness to (bottom) 9 vertices of the 13 in total. I want only the bottom vertices of the shape to independently wiggle randomly.

I can use a Random Convertor for that on a single vertex and that looks pretty good. However, it is quite tedious adding them to all the vertices, so I wondered whether there is a way to copy a convertor, that is attached to one vertex, to another vertex? Or perhaps some way to apply a convertor to selected vertices only?

I do realise that copying or applying the same Random convertor may cause them to have the same ‘seed’ value, but having to modify only that for all those points is much less work than having to add (and configure) the convertor to each and every point I want to move.

I am fairly new to Synfig but looking around the UI there doesn’t seem an obvious way to accomplish this, but I’m hoping there is a less obvious way to accomplish this that I overlooked.

If it is not possible, I suspect what I want to do is possibly easy to automate by writing a plug-in. I’m a coder by profession so going down that road seems an interesting challenge - unless such a plug-in already exists. (Edited to add: Never mind, a plug-in cannot do this. Plug-ins manipulate the .sifz file directly and the current selection in the UI is not exported to the file.)

Any hints or tips to otherwise achieve what I’m trying to accomplish would also be greatly appreciated.

You could make additional smaller layer at the bottom and apply Noise Distort to that layer

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve experimented with this, but this also distorts the outline, which I want to keep nicely curved.

After trying various things, I guess there’s no other way around it than to just adding convertors to each point to maintain the control that I want to have. (Either in the UI, or by editing the .sifz file by hand if I really need to add it to a lot of points).