How to achieve Trim Path effect in Synfig?

I have used After Effects previously in which stroke can be controlled by settings attributes of Start, End and Offset. Go through the link:-

Can I achieve it in Synfig and how? This is required for example whiteboard animation for writing or drawing any figure.

Hello, is anyone here? Please help me as I am working for a project.

Maybe you can vectorize a bitmap layer with the text and do those effects?

Can Synfig do vectorization? But if spline is also vector then why do we need to vectorize something?
(sorry I didn’t get it, I am a noob)

Current development version support vectorization, but for bitmap layers…
Synfig don’t convert text layer to a vector layer.

By vectorize I meant create a spline from text :wink:

@rodolforg Yes I will overlay spline over text. But I wanted to control visibility of the spline, e.g. if Start is set to 40%, the spline would be visible from 40% only. (In after effects)

Now I saw the video until end XD You meant that outline trimming effect.
I’m afraid it has no such feature. Maybe more experienced users and devs here would know better.

Ok! :pensive: I hope this feature will be added in new development features in future. This feature (if existed) would have too easy and less mind-boggling. Otherwise, thanks! :weary::worried:

The advanced outline has width control handles that you can animate.
Take a look at wiki page: and on this page especially the the part with the segmented outline.
Maybe this can help

Another (boring and tedious) workaround would be masking (cutout tool) and animating the masking shape…

I was actually considering implementing something like that in Synfig since it’s pretty useful.
Maybe I’ll look into that at some point but depends on how easy it is to extract the required info from the layers to be modified

Thanks to everyone. @Estard I tried your method and voila! it worked. But it can be more user-friendly and intuitive. (I hope developers can do something about this) Thanks.