How to achieve a "Jerky" animation look

Hi everyone. Just getting started with Synfig with my first animation - a Monty Python type cutout animation. I’m just wondering, is it possible to get a somewhat “jerky” appearance to the animation, rather than a completely “smooth” look?

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I think you should do that in post production (in a video editor or a vfx software)

Maybe a stroboscope layer?

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Constant keyframes could possible work, maybe

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You could set lower fps in properties, back then animations were using 12fps. You could also try out stroboscope layer

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I like to put a very subtle noise deformation over my lines and use a Random converter on the seed to make it change. Makes it look like it’s hand drawn and so it looks less automated.

Or if you want a 2D stop motion look, then add a Translate and a Rotate layer over each piece, and add a Random converter to them so it looks like the pieces were moved by hand.

Hand made frame by frame animation has those little human imperfections that the Random converter does a great job at mimicking!

And as others said, stroboscope and lowering the framerate will give a more old timey vibe