How starting imported loop not from first frame

Im stuck with this.
How I can achieve offset in time of imported loops
I need start Loop not from first frame but some frames later it is possible?
I saw some video tuts and read wiki but without solution…
thanx for any suggestion :slight_smile:

Are you using layers Time Loop and Free Time?

I have one file with loop layer and import it to my main file where I have duplicated it and want start loop copy from frame 24 of main scene and I dont know what next :slight_smile:

Well, do you need it to appears static (“frozen” frame) until the loop begins?

Animate “duration” parameter: It begins with 0, then change it to whatever you want at frame 24.
Use constant waypoint interpolation to make the sudden change from 0 to 24f.

Can I send you file? cause it doesn’t work for me

Let me try to explain better first:

  1. Add Time Loop layer
  2. Select it on Layers panel
  3. On Parameters panel, right-click on Duration parameter
  4. From the context menu, select Allow Animation (so, the green guy icon of this parameter will disappear)
  5. Set duration value to 0
  6. Enter on Animation Mode
  7. On the timeline, change current time to 24f
  8. Change the duration parameter to 24f (or whatever length the loop should last)
  9. Right click on the duration parameter waypoint at 24f (it was just created)
  10. Select Both submenu and then the Constant (red) interpolator

Did it work?

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Youre greate :slight_smile: many thanx :slight_smile: Im doing everything like in your instruction but constant I got not from both menu but from keyframe propeties. Thanks again :slight_smile: