How practical is Synfig for text animation?

I’ve been thinking of doing some projects that mostly involve animating text.
I made my first test, having the Amount value of 3 text strings fade in and out over time.
The end result was less than spectacular, though it works.

So my question is, if you want to have a presentation with many text sentences presented sequentially in “cool way” that is, with some nice special effects of some type, is Synfig the right tool?

For example please check this sample video:

I am guessing these types of presets can be done in Synfig, but would probably take a huge effort (?). vs. in some other programs it seems to be a button click and done.

What I am trying to learn here is am I using the wrong tool (Synfig) for this type of thing?

Thank you


please have a look at the excellent work of Berteh about text effects

Code available here
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Very nice, thanks Bob.

synfig is like after effect, so it’s really good to create that kind of effect. But since synfig’s text system is buggy as heck, I recommend first going inkscape and make all text to spline.

are some funny Effects that you can make on texts with the Synfig, but it needs a little of work.

Here I post some effects with the .sifz files

Hola Lobo,

Thank you again for the info! Since last posting I have been trying a few other apps. Adobe Animate CC was 1. But its too expensive for me. I have found something that may be just what I need,
It’s called Animatron. From what I have seen so far, this may be what I need so, thank you again.
Buena suerte mi amigo!

Hi good day. I am glad that you have found a software that fits what you are looking for, remember that if you want to continue learning how to use Synfig Studio, the forum is always open.
In my case, I love using Synfig, but when I want to do something that maybe I can not or I don’t know how doing with Synfig, I always use more than one software to make animations, there are nothing wrong in use and learning how to use more of one software.