How long does it take to make 1min of animation in Synfig?

hi there guys,

I’m new here and was wondering how long does it take to make 1 min of animation in Synfig?


I really wish to have a direct and clear answer, also for myself.

But AFAIK it will depend of:

  • The power of your rendering machine (proccessor, RAM, graphic card, etc)
  • The number of frames per second of your animation
  • The dimensions of your scene (width and height in pixels)
  • The effects (layers), that you are using in your animation (Here I might be wrong)
  • Another factors

However, I could say that 1 minute animation takes MORE than a 1 minute rendering, ALWAYS.

I think that the original question was not the render time but the time to make one minute animation in Synfig.
This is the kind of question that answer itself: If someone ask how many time does it take to create one minute animation in some particular software, it means that he has never done one minute animation in any software or even by traditional way.

Answer: it can take from 30 seconds of work to all your life :wink:

Thank u guys, I appreciate everything.

Well the reason why I asked this question was becoz I’m new with Synfig and got very
much inspired by The Morevna Project. I realized I could create something great with Synfig.

And to cut the story short, I am working on a huge project myself and I realized that its
going to be finished in about 2 years or more becoz I’m working on it myself.
Anyway thanks