How does the waypoint scale relate to real time in seconds

I’ll try to explain my problem. I need to have a scene last about 10 seconds. How does the waypoint setting relate to the number of seconds the scene will last? In other words, if I set a beginning waypoint at 0f, and the second waypoint at 96f, I get a scene that lasts about 6 seconds. My problem is, the waypoint scale seems to only go to about 120f. I was planning on making a video that would last several minutes. How would I do that?

If you go to Canvas -> Properties or simply press f8 the properties of your Animation will be displayed.
There is a tab called time. If you click on that you will see 4 settings:

  1. Frames per second
  2. Start Time
  3. End Time
  4. Duration

Changing the duration will automatically adjust start and end time, so you just type in what you want and click apply.
In your case you would type 10s for 10 seconds or 7min for 7 Minutes
The f behind the number on your timeline stands for frame.
So depending on your framerate (Frames per second / fps) a single frame will last for a set amount of time.
Typically for animation is a framerate of 12fps though you can go higher or lower to your liking.
With 12 fps one frame will last for around 83.3 milliseconds, and your animation of 10 seconds length will last for 120 frames.

tl;dr: Press F8, go to Time, set the framerate you want and then set your duration

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This is exactly what I was trying to find out. I couldn’t find anything in the tutorial about it. Thank you very much.