How does canvas export work?

Hi everyone,

I have a group with some raster textures that I want to export, so I can link it later in another group. So I right-clicked on Group -> Canvas -> Export and some layers in that group dissapears. See attached picture for a better understanding.

Can someone clarify how does exporting canvases work in Synfig? Maybe I am just missing something.

export the canvas shouldn’t mess it up at all, so it looks like a bug.
Please, could you share your file (included images in the right place) to check that behavior?
Or alternatively, can you provide a simple recipe to achieve the mess after canvas export?
It probably would be a bug, so please provide version of Synfig Studio too, in order to locate it better.

I think I found what was wrong. The behavior I described above happens only when the group, which has the canvas you want to export, contains raster images with relative paths (filename value). You can check out the attached example. Open it and try to export ‘Circles’ canvas, you’ll see the problem.

But it only affects Synfig Studio 0.64.3 and I’ve already found the solution, so it’s not a big problem after all. (7.09 KB)