How do you edit an existing spline?

I draw a tree branch as a spline. Now it’s two minutes later, and I want to

  • Move the whole branch up a bit. Not talking about animation, here; I drew it in the wrong place, I want it over THERE.
  • Make the line the spline is drawn in a little thicker.
  • Change either the fill color, or the line color.
  • Stretch the thing, AS A WHOLE… the branch wasn’t long enough or something.

Is there a simple way to do these things?

First make sure you are not in Animate mode, this button should be green:

Activate the Arrow tool (highlighted in red):

Select the layer:

Select the handles (click-drag to select them all or press Ctrl+a):

Click on one of the selected handles and drag to move:

Scaling is done similarly, but instead using the Scale tool:

Select all the handles and then click drag using the Scale tool:

If you want to stretch it only horizontally, then you’ll need to uncheck the Lock Aspect Ratio button in tool options:

I see. I had gotten as far as selecting the appropriate layer, but missed the “drag and select all of the spline handles” step. Is there anything that you CAN do to a spline when it is selected, but the handles are not? If not, it would be a useful enhancement to select all of the handles when selecting the spline…

Well, individual handles can be moved without first selecting them, so if the user is just editing the shape of the spline itself (rather than moving/scaling it as a whole) then having all handles selected by default would get in the way.

What would be useful would be to have one tool for shape editing and another for moving/scaling/rotating shapes as a whole (ie. like Inkscape).