How do you copy and paste keyframes simply.

i am already tired of using the duplicate button, and i want to do something similar to copying and pasting animations. i am doing something where the same animation sometimes repeats a lot of times, and duplicating is too much time consuming.

I suggest time loop layer, and that’s if you want to use the exact same animation.

Let me know if time loop’s good enough.

There’s a more complicated approach, you can manipulate the frame a canvas is on by directly animating a time loop layer’s begin frame, and have it set to span zero frames. This way you reuse one animation, and manipulate the rate it plays back at will. If this description’s lacking I could take some screenshots later.

( I never tried setting time loop’s frame to -1, but I read recently that breaks out of the loop, will be useful some day )


Synfig doesn’t have copy paste macros necessary for waypoint manipulation. It could be a very helpful feature.

hello oshaboy and welcome to the forums

TimeLoop layer usage is not so trivial, i suggest you to look at TimeLoop Layer wiki page

so does anyone know a good youtube tutorial explaining time loop layers?

here is what i did

  1. make a time loop layer

  2. make keyframes

  3. set the biggening and duration to where the keyframes start and its duration


so what did i do wrong and how can i fix it?

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About your problem, did you attempt to redo things from TimeLoop layer wiki page or from Time Loop Micro tuto ?

i tried from the wiki page