How do I specify to "Add a repository" using zypper

I am using a new library in development of a plugin in Synfig. A repository needs to be added to Zypper(OPENSUSE). How can I specify this in the installation?
Thanks in advance!

In it is quite easy, just add the original package to the list corresponding to Zypper.
Don’t forget this lib will have to be available for the other OS.

To add it and use it in the code, you will have to play with make and config files.
You can see for example how I implemented the Render Done Sound (with integration of SDL2, removed in favour of SDL alreadry existing):
See, Makefile…
More details in the commits of my branch:

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@BobSynfig, Thank you for sharing this.
But I guess the package that I am using is a 3rd party package and not directly provided by Zypper. So I will have to use zypper addrepo command first, and then install that package. I will try writing this in
But openSUSE also seems to come in 4 types: Tumbleweed, Factory zSystems, Factory PowerPC, and Factory ARM and there is a different download link(for library installation) for all the 4 types. For now, in, we don’t seem to be checking these 4 types.
Any inputs on this topic will be very helpful.
Thank you

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It looks like we support Tumbleweed only.

If I understood correctly, all other types are targetting different types of architecture. The type of architecture can be identified using uname -i command.

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Ah, got it.
I will add the support for Tumbleweed only then.