How do I set that for some time the object won't move?


If I in animate mode choose an object click on the time line and move it and then click again on the timeline and do not move the object and then click on the time and then move the object and leave the animate mode. the object will move from begging to the end without stopping in thee middle.

How should I do it?

Not sure I am fully understand your question: but I guess you would like to have a STILL (without moving) status at the middle time .

To get it, you can add a Keyframe at the middle time. If more help needed, please upload your .sifz file here.

Just clicking on the timeline while on animation mode doesn’t actually change the animation. You always need to move a Handle in order to change the animation, even moving it by one pixel will do (read bellow for further explanation).

There are two ways you could do what you want.

Using keyframes:

  • First setup some keyframes to define the different time spans of your animation (for example at 0s, 1s, 2s and 3s)
  • Go to first keyframe (ie. 0s) in animate mode and with All keyframes locked
  • Move your object. If you go to Timetrack panel you should see some Waypoints being inserted at both the 0s keyframe and on the 1s keyframe.
  • Go to last keyframe (ie. 3s) and move your object. Again you should see some Waypoints inserted at both the 2s keyframe and on the 3s keyframe
  • Your animation should now show the object moving between 0 thru 1 seconds, stop between 1 thru 2 seconds and move again between 2 thru 3 seconds

Keyframes are just a way of automatically inserting Waypoints at certain places.

Manually insert all the Waypoints (without using keyframes):

  • Move in timeline to where you want object to start moving (ie. 0s) in animate mode and with No Keyframes Locked
  • Move your object to the initial position
  • Then go to the time where you want the object to stop moving (ie. 1s)
  • Move your object to the middle position you want it to move to
  • Now go to the time where you want the object to start moving again (ie. 2s)
  • Select the Handle you wish to animate and ‘nudge’ it by one pixel in any direction (by using the arrow keys keyboard shorcut)
  • Finally go to the time where you want the object to stop moving (ie. 3s)
  • Move the object to final position

As you can see without keyframes it takes a few more steps. Both methods should produce equivalent results.

Video tutorial of animation with keyframes on Synfigstudio:

Same but this time without using keyframes:

I pretty much followed the steps explained above.