How Do I Open Closed Panel?

Hi, I’m having a little trouble with Synfig since yesterday. I looked all over the tutorials and manual but I couldn’t find the answer to this following problem:

I closed my key frame and timeline panels and I cannot find a way to open them again. In the tutorials it says I should be able to follow the Tool Box >File >Panel Path but my toolbox does not show the File tab. I tried doing it with the cater but it does not include the Panel option. I downloaded the synfigstudio_0.63.03_i386.deb file to install it, and am using Ubuntu 11.04, if that’s any help.

Thank you in advance.

Hi thewissen,

You should find a File menu entry in the toolbox. If you’re using Unity maybe it is on the top of your screen, where the main menu is for one normal application.
Be sure that you select the Toolbox and then look up the top of your screen if in Unity. If using gnome or other desktop manager you should see the Toolbox menu on it, as usual.

Huh… that… was easy.

Thanks a lot! Sorry about that.