How do I move a rectangle once placed

Guys - once I’ve placed a rectngle on the canvas. How do I position it. (For example - move it to the left).

Note - I DONT mean animate it, I just mean move it on canvas. (Circle seems easy - I just click the single “handle” in the middle of the circle). Rectangle ?

Thanks - Mark

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You can group the rectangle and animate the group origin. Alternatively thug can add a translate late on top of ths rectangle and animate the translate position.

Thanks Genete, can I explore further, as I am not sure what you mean (I am a newbie)

“group the rectangle” < How ?
“animate the group origin” < Just to be clear - I am not talking about animatting, I’m talking about moving the rectangle on the canvas to my desired “start” position (but maybe thats the same thing)?

"thug can add a translate late on top " < ? Thug ? sorry dont understand … translate late - ? layer ? (any help appreciate).

Many thanks for taking time to answer.

Thanks - MArk

Maybe you better read and do the firsts documentation chapters.


I did read these, but I think because I’m new to it, I didn’t understand all of it.

Anyway - I found out how to achieve what I wanted, basically draw imaginary square round object with mouse to reveal the multiple handles, then do the same again to turn the handles bright green, then can use arrow keys to move object. Sounds so simple, but took me ages to find.

Thanks again

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I’ve run into the same problem, there’s no way to position a rectangle object with the mouse. Other shapes have a grab handle to move the object’s position, but rectangle doesn’t. Seems inconsistent if this is by design.

It’s true. Rectangle object has not the translate dot.

Anyway, you can translate it with the tips of Genete.

Just grouping the rectangle you could move it, so the group has a translate dot.

You can do it with a translate layer. That’s a powerfull tools, because you can asign a move to a lot of objects of your selection.

Just to add improved reply :slight_smile:

  1. Select the whole object, highlighting all green control points.
  2. Use keyboard arrows or mouse to move now

Thank you but it is not an improved reply :stuck_out_tongue:
The best way (answered plenty of times) is to place the rectangle in a group, as indicated in the first reply :wink: