how do i install synfigexport plug-in?

I´ve done what the wiki explains, i put the file in the plug-in folder but i don´t know how to make it a executable file. also i´ve installed python but no clue why… you can tell i´m not very skilled with this computer thingy :stuck_out_tongue: anyway could someone please give me an advice!
thank you

Can you show us the link where you downloaded the synfigexport plugin?

sure, the link was in the wiki page: “
I think this is the link to the file “

Looks like you’re not using Linux, right? In Windows location folders might differ from the wiki explanations. I’m not used to work with Windows in such kind of things so I can’t help much here.

Hello ganimedes_1 and welcome here,

You are trying to install a Gimp plugins (to use it for synfig…) , a little search in the web with “howto gimp python plugins install windows” give me :

[code]Just in case someone reads this, the python files go in your “plug-ins” folder, not the “python” folder.

There are two places to put them:

Multi-user location, depending on your OS, will be located in the GIMP installation library folder.
(example Win 7: - C:/Program Files (x86)/GIMP-2.0/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins)

Single-user (recommended) will be in your User folder under the hidden folder .gimp-2.6
(example Win 7 - C:/Users//.gimp-2.6/plug-ins)[/code]

Installing Plugins with Gimp - Python and Script Fu Layer .

… and …

… hoping you will find something helpful for you… that you can share then with us writing it to the wiki for example … :slight_smile:

ok, finally found the problem and fixed it. for the plug-in to work i had to install the gimp 2.8.1… do not download the the one at becuause it doesnt work there. at least it din´t work for me. thanks for the tips guys!