How do I install Synfig Studio on a Mac?

The downloading page says:

But when I do that I get this:

(I downloaded the .rb file to my working directory.)

Hi fgm2r,
please be patience meanwhile secondplanet comes around and reply to your questions.

I seem to be able to install synfig, although I don’t know how it relates to Synfig Studio.

I also tried to add the synfigstudio.rb to the homebrew formulas. It complained about there not being a version that it can find and I added one (which was hard because brew edit uses vim). But it kept complaining when I tried to install synfigstudio (that probably was because I didn’t know what the version string was supposed to be).

I now want to try to run this:

git checkout -b synfigstudio remotes/secondplanet/synfigstudio
cp Library/Formula/synfigstudio.rb <homebrew install directory>/Library/Formula/
brew install synfigstudio

But I don’t know how I can find the homebrew install directory. Any ideas?


Thanks, I managed to install it. I just copied synfigstudio.rb to the /Library/Formula subfolder of the brew install directory and ran brew install synfigstuido.