How do I import brushes?

Hi, I’m new to Synfig and as I’ve understood it Synfig doesn’t iclude any brushes by default. So my question is: how do I import brush images to my brush library?

Thanks in advance!


I want to draw something :cry:


  • I’m an User, I’m interested too…but Let’s try to be pollite, and be patient …If you find the answer, please share it

As far I understand is a new feature of this version, that it’s not fully implemented… i guess…

I found something:

I’ve used Mypaint… it’s an excelent program, but it’s better to use it with a pen tablet. Right now I don’t have one :frowning: . … So I can’t help more

Good luck

Do you mean you can use Mypaint with synfig?
How? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The brush tool is a new feature not available in current stable release (0.64.3) .
This tool will be release in synfig v 1.0 (that you can test before with the release candidate)

How you can be sure about Mypaint using ?