How Do I Get the Workspace Back?


I have put Synfig through its paces, and now the opening workspace is all messed up. I can’t figure out how to get it back.

I have deleted the entire software and reloaded several times–sometimes waiting awhile before reloading, and nothing I do puts the workspace back. I tried “Revert” and it just seemed to confuse Synfig.

At present I have found some video tutorials that look promising, but until I get the workspace back into what I see on the computer screen, those tutorials aren’t going to do me a lot of good. :open_mouth:

I notice that my “Canvas” turns white, whereas the one in the Tutorials turns black, when he goes to use it. Yet my foreground/background color boxes in the Tools Panel is the same color as his is on the screen

File>Panels>Reset Windows to Original Layout.