How do I draw a simple, straight line?

I tried using the spline tool. That works if the line is stationary, but starts to deform if you animate (like rotate) it. So I’m looking for a simple straight line drawing tool, like in PowerPoint or something.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:
Did you try to place your line in a group and then animate the group’s rotation?
The rotation will occur around the origin (green dot) of the group layer.
You can still move the origin of the group pushing CTRL down while dragging it :wink:

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I have the same question: How do you draw a simple straight line?

The spline tool won’t let me draw a single line and the draw tool does not seem to have a “constrain” option to make it draw a straight line.

There must be a solution! Thanks.

Spline tools do allow to draw single lines.

When I use Spline tool for a single line, the line disappears if I exit the Spline tool. If I create a line with at least three or more vertices, the line will remain. But a line with just two ends or vertices will disappear. But no, Spline tool in OSX will not let me draw a single line – unless there is an alternate way / command to exit the tool without losing the single line. I find this very odd, but this is what’s happening on my MacBook. Again, thanks for replying.

Once you activate Spline tool, you (a) singl-left-click on workarea to create the first vertex, and (b) make another single-left-click to create the second one – and a straight line connects them. If you double-click in (b) you create and finishes the spline (straight line on this case).

What’s your Synfig version?
In old versions, you have to click the Run button, instead of double clicking, after placing the second/last vertex, in order to finish the spline.

Version 1.2.2 – I have tried double-clicking on the second vertex, but nothing happens–the cursor does not exit the Spline tool and remains connected.

If I Option B to exit the Spline tool, the single line disappears. If I change tools, the line disappears. If I exit the Spline tool after creating a third vertex, the line remains.

Trying to figure out what you mean by the “Run” button. Again thanks for the help.

The link I wrote points to what I meant: how to finish the spline :slight_smile:

Did you select to place an spline outline instead of a spline region?

Oh, so double-click doesn’t work :wink:

As it’s offtopic, you should create another forum topic/post. :slight_smile:

Thus, people can help you – and another users can easily find this in the future :wink:

Thanks for the reply – I deleted my post as it was off topic and I don’t want to ask basic questions if possible. I will create a new post if needed, but I think I resolved my problem – Skeleton and Arm layers weren’t moving together, but when I selected Skeleton in the Layers panel, they move together – basic! Appreciate all the support so far.

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