How do I disable anti aliasing?

The render settings when I render an animation won’t let me change Anti Aliasing to 0, as it’s minimum value is 1. I want to have my animation in pixel perfect preservation with my original images being exactly the same, but they are always anti aliased when I render them. I tried having quality = 0 and low res, but non of these work. Can someone tell me how to disable anti aliasing and have my images completely preserved? Thank you.


I am not sure anti aliasing setting does anything in current versions of Synfig. I think it’s just ignored.

To disable anti aliasing for vector layers (regions and outlines): uncheck “Antialiasing” in Parameters panel.
To disable anti aliasing for raster layers (imported images such as pngs): select “Nearest Neighbor” from Interpolation drop down menu in Parameters panel.

You have to do it for all the layers manually, there’s no global option to disable anti aliasing unfortunately.