How do I animate steam?

Hello. This question is a little too late but for now, this question is for future references.

How do I animate steam? Not across the whole canvas, but a certain section. I want to get a transparent clear steam, and make it look like its in waves. I’ve tried to do this, but it just looks like wavy transparent smoke. I’m trying to do the same exact effect as if you are looking over a fire.

Use my particles template:

Thanks for the template =).

I’m sorry but, steam was the wrong word. What I meant was heat waves. I know I can use the distortion and warp layers but how do i get it to only affect only a certain section, but but for all layers?

Encapsulate all the layers that are going to be affected, export the encapsulated, create a clone of the exported in other paste canvas, add the steam effect onto it (to all the layers) then mask the result with a mask, place the result on the undistorted background.

-Paste Canvas
–Mask (maybe an inverted circle with alpha over blend method)
–Distortion layers
–Background (copy of)
-Background (exported)

-G <<< this is not a layer :wink:

you sir are a genius. I’ve been trying to figure that out for 2 days.

Thanks alot! :smiley: