How can I use duplicate to save time ?

Hello everyone,

I have a problem…I want to duplicate an animated object so I can have two similar objects animated in the same way but at different origins…
I know it’s a bit confusing :blush:

When I duplicate an animated object …I can’t move it to a different place…as I have to disconnect it first or turn the green dot :blush: into composite…when I do this I end up with the first object animated properly and the second one with no animation … :frowning:

I’m stuck…Can anyone of you suggest a trick?

Thanks in advance…

Yep the di

No no … duplicate layer is here for that … what you want to do is a bit “normal” :wink:

… To move a duplicated object, you have to “play” with the “index” of the duplcated layer to add this value to the origin of the animated group. Maybe you will have to group your animated group to get a group layer not animated (but who contain animated content) .

By the way, i have linked some tutos to the Duplicate Layer wiki

Do you want the same animation but in another place? If so then you can add a Translate layer for the duplicate. Group them both so the Translate layer only affects the duplicate.

Thank you d.j.a.y and rylleman :smiley:

To be honest I expected to be told that this is impossible…So I’m really grateful for your help.

@ d.j.a.y

I checked the wiki tutos… :frowning: I don’t have the index parameter…

However, adding the translate layer as suggested by rylleman worked as a charm… :smiley:

I’ve learnt a lot thanks to this forum …this is fabulous :slight_smile: … _Parameter this index … i’m quite sure you have it.

Have a look…
synfig screenshot2.PNG