How can I split tangent / radius / radius of multiple vertices at once?

Hi all,

I’m new to the community. I apologize if this question has already been answered before, I have been looking but couldn’t find anything.

When creating splines, is there a way to split tangent / radius / angle to all vertices at once? When I select all vertices, I have to right click on one vertex to get the “split tangent…” options and when I click on it, it only applies it to that individual vertex. I have to go around the shape doing the same for each vertex.

Thank you!


I think there’s no such functionality yet.
Could be a good feature request. Definitely makes sense to apply ‘Split Tangents’ action to all selected vertices. Wait a few days and if nobody responses, feel free to open issue on Github:

The only way is to create your artwork in inkscape and save it as sif. (Don’t go fancy with your artwork in inkscape, you can later add it in synfig only). The saved sif file when opened in synfig will have all tangents and radius split.