How can I slow down / fast foward the playing speed of the animation?

Helloooo I just started discovering this epik world of synfig recently :smiley:

I just wondered if there is a feature in synfig which i can make the animation play faster or slower than the original speed like 150 % or 90% if the normal speed is 100%
I’m testing out the audio feature and I wanted to sync my animation to the music but to make the beats right I need to slow it down to find the beats ¯_(ツ)_/¯
idk if anyone has the answer coz I couldn’t any other question but it would be thankful If you could help to find the solution :pray:

Thank youuu

Use free time to adjust the speed. You can keyframe it to speed up a part of the animation and slow down another.

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You can also change the “Speed” factor of the Group layer, if you are using one.

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I did try finding the speed factor of the layer, like 1 to 0.5, but I couldn’t see any difference.
Does it only work in a single layer or in a group layer too?
thx for helping :smiley:

The animation of group layer contents is slowed down.

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Is this the right way to change the speed?
It was 1 at default so I tested it by changing it to 0.8 or 2 but there wasn’t any change in speed.
I hope I could find a clear way to change the speed!

It changes the speed of the animation of the group contents, not the group itself.
As I can see in the screenshot, this group you show has animation of its own transformation parameter. The group parameters are not affected by the speed parameter.
Place this group inside another one and change the speed of this new one :slight_smile:

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Ooooooh thanks very much!!
It worked apparently :DDD :pray:
Just one last question, I expected the sound I was used to decrease in speed too, that I was usually using Krita for animation, and It had a speed setting for the animation, that if I set it below 100%, both the animation slowed down and also the sound I imported too.
So the last thing I want to know is how to slow down the audio at the same time.
I just want to know if there’s a way to do a similar job in Synfig too :thinking::thinking:
But thank you so much for giving me the solution for animation part !!!

Synfig support for audio is poor.

You can just delay (or anticipate) its start and its volume - but for the whole playback. You can’t even animate these parameters.

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Ah okay :ok_hand:
thank you for the clear answer :smiley:
then time to test more and explore more synfig features UwU