how can i rename a image file in wiki page

just want to update some icon files in wiki page, but i can not find the function for file renaming for new naming scheme.
for example, how can i move Real_icon.png to type_real_icon.png

do i need to apply “special” authority for this function in wiki?

thanks in advanced


fixed typo

As fas as I know regular users can Move pages (nothing special is needed). There is not rename pages but move does the same. It creates a redirection page and all the old ones with the old name will be redirected to the new one.
Anyway, if you find something you need to do on the wiki and need higher rights, please let me know.
I’ve recently moved some icons pages to use the agreed naming scheme so you can review in the change log that it was a “Move” instead of a “Rename”.

Thanks like always, jcome.


hi Genete, thanks.
I noticed that your actions on wiki.

Before I posted this, I just googled and there should be a [move] tab on the top of wiki page, that can performance this rename functionality.

I get a [move] tab on wiki page, but can not find how to do it for a image file, because there is not [move] tab as shown by attached screenshot.
Screen shot 0100-02-21 at 09.48.59.JPG

You’re right. Regular users can move pages but cannot move files.
Please check your email.

thanks for your kind help, Genete