How can I move an item on the canvas

Hi there.

Having imported an image in synfig, how do I position it on the canvas. It comes up in the middle, but for the life of me I cant seem to find a way to move it. BTW I DONT mean animate it, I simply mean “position” it on the canvas. (I can do this with created circles it seems, because they have a single “origin” handle I think its called, but rectangles, and indeed this imported image, have two handles, and there doesn’t seem to be a way of easily moving the image whilst keeping its dimensions etc unchanged).


Context: Heres my “goal” just to help put things in context. I want to import two copies of an image (it happens to be a database). I want to position the two images a few cm apart from each other, and they will be visible all the time, and static (no animation). I then want to create a circle, and animate it moving from one database to the other. [I dont anticipate a problem with the animation of the circle, this is pretty much like one of the first examples I went through from the documentation]

you can move it selecting the two handles (old ducks) by hitting ctrl or with the mouse : … irst_steps