How can I link a circle to a drawing? Please HELP

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie and I really need your help.

I have been trying for two days to link a circle to a drawing so one moves when the other moves, but failed. I made some research. I read previous points, wiki and watched videos but nothing has helped me achieve what i want.

when i select a drawing and a circle then link them, the circle jumps away, leaving me with a drawing and a circle that are linked but at a certain distance from each other . :confused:
Please help me solve this problem so i can move on with my animation.

Kind regards


As the image layer has no origin you can encapsule the image, select the paste canvas and it’s parameter origin. right-click and export this as “imageorigin”.
Select the “imageorigin” valuebase in the Children-panel.
Now select the circle layer and its parameter origin. Right click and choose Connect.
Now the circle and the paste canvas containing the image is lniked.

If you really need to link directly to the image rather than to a paste canvas containing it you could do some math conversions based on its top-left/bottom-right values and connect this to the circle origin.

Thanks for your help, but I couldn’t find “paste canvas” when I right click inline canvas i get, a drop down menu with inline and other.

I really feel stuck :cry:

HI rylleman,

I think that I 've got it at 80%. I’m sure i’ll get the hang of it by tomorrow, lol.

thanks for your help.

See Encapsulate at the wiki: