How can I help out?

@Genete @KonstantinDmitriev I would like to help out with development. What would be most helpful? I code in html, css and javascript, so I could work on the website if that would give you guys some more time for the program. Just let me know what to do!


Have a look at this or this.

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Thanks you very much. That’s a little advanced for me, but i’ll definitely keep it in mind. It’s good to have projects to look to. :smiley:

Hello @b3u!

Thank you very much for your proposal!

There is one task in Web/Adminstration area where we need help with.

Recently we have migrated our website to Wordpress engine. And now we need to migrate our news archive from old website to new one -
I do not remember exact number, but I believe there are around 50+ of them.

Unfortunately, the old website uses an outdated Concrete 5 engine and automatic migration isn’t possible.
So, we appreciate any help with manual migration (i.e. by copy-paste and re-uploading the content).

Is this interesting for you? :slight_smile:

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@KonstantinDmitriev Thanks for the offer. I am definitely interested. The thing is, I haven’t used wordpress before. If it’s not overly complicated to learn, that should be perfect. It’s probably good to know anyways.
I only saw one website repo on github. Where are the archives located? And, am I putting them in the website on github? Thanks. :smile:

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@b3u You could start by install a Wordpress in local on your machine and test (you surely already have a LAMP/WAMP installed)
@KonstantinDmitriev Can’t we do a dump of C5 table containing the articles and then insert them directly in WP’s db (after format treatment if not plain html) so we could keep the original dates/comments?


I have XAMPP. I tried wordpress online, and I think I’m getting the hang of things. Thanks.

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@b3u Great!In the meantime I will prepare all things for migrating old website to new.

@BobSynfig Unfortunately, C5 have a very complicated database structure. I.e. each page is constructed from “blocks” and each block is a separate database entry. So, pages do not contain any content, it is just a bunch of references to blocks.
But your suggestion lead me to idea - maybe C5 have some native tools for export into more friendly formats (like XML). I digged a bit and found this export tool -
Yet, I do not know how well it works. Need to investigate.

Keeping original dates shouldn’t be any problem, since it is easy to set with each Wordpress post, even if we do a manual migration.

Comments are not problem as well, with the only exception that there are so many of them. Does it worth to migrate them?

With Wordpress we can also set up redirects, so old URL’s will point to new pages.

Currently, the problem is that old website is not compatible with our current hosting, it throws a bunch of errors like these - So, I plan to export all data to my local machine and set up a Docker container.

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@KonstantinDmitriev Cool. Do I need wordpress installed, or can I use it online? I’m having trouble installing it because it wants information about a site it assumes I’m paying hosting for, which i don’t have. It wants all of this database info in order to install.

@b3u Fonction worry, K would provide you a direct access as editor for the prod WordPress. But try to install one on your own machine in xamp, it’s straightforward, just need to create a MySQL DB with phpmyadmin or even better with sqlyog or Heidi.

@KonstantinDmitriev I could have one eye on it with a dump of db and original PHP files of your C5 :wink:

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It would be best if you will try to install a Wordpress for your XAMPP host first, to get a grip about the basics. It also will be useful for experimentation. :slight_smile:
Here is a video tutorial on how to install Wordpress on XAMPP -

That’s great! I will pack everything into archive and will send to you. :slight_smile:

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@BobSynfig Sent link to your email. :slight_smile:

I finally got it to work. Thank you. In hindsight, it was really simple! I think I 'm getting the hang of things.

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@b3u Also, please consider to take a look at Elementor plugin for Wordpress - Ths is what we use to construct our landing pages (i.e. Synfig’s frontpage).

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I’ve done that, and also used the ocean wp theme used by the website

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@KonstantinDmitriev How are the articles coming along?

I’m currently a bit busy and didn’t have time enough to investigate deep enough yet in the DB (php + c5 running fine, I can access “manually” the articles).
The most annoying for the moment is that when adding an article in WP, it takes a permalink with the current date.
We can change the “official” creation date by the permalink remains the same, which is ugly.
I should have more free time next week.

When I change official creation date in Wordpress (through admin web-dashboard) the permalink changes as well. Can you please double-check the behaviour?

@b3u While BobSynfig working on CMS import script, there is one more task to do. There are a bunch of articles at website, that should be moved to as well:

If you got familiar with WordPress already, then maybe you can help with that? :slight_smile:

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@KonstantinDmitriev Sounds like a plan. How should I start? I can’t edit either site right now because I don’t have access. My Wp username is @binyaminagreen.