How can i export a file as a video file?

well, the topic says it all. i dont know how to export my file as a movie file. i tryed it with ffmpeg, but it did not work, because it could not read ffmpeg…

Hi Daaboff,
when you render an animation to a movie you have some alternatives that comes from the “target” drop down menu in the render dialog. If there is not ffmpeg in the list or it doesn’t work properly is it because you haven’t installed it in your system.
Alternatively you can render to other kind of movie formats:
DV (digital video)
yuv420 (uncompressed)

And finally you can render to a png sequence and composite the output image files into a movie using your favourite video editor.

We provide packages with ffmpeg included that are not the offcial linux distribution packages of Synfig Studio. They are jsut a multipurpouse package that should work for any deb or rpm distribution. If you’re in windows we provide windows binary too including ffmpeg with it.
Check them out here: