How can I create a fur effect?

Hello my dear Synfig fellows,

I want to draw a British soldier’s hat ( a bearskin) but I have a problem creating the fur effect…Any help out there?

Loads of thanks in advance


Well, I can’t help you with exact advice, because I don’t have any experience with it either. But could you check the plant layer? Seems like it can do the trick.

Here is a lion’s mane done with plant layer:
The wiki:

Thanks , I will check it out. :slight_smile:

This looks kind of furry… I think. :slight_smile: Heavy on resources though. It’s a plant layer cut short with a mask. Both are animatable.
hat.sifz (5.16 KB)

Wow! Better than expected :smiley: …You are a Genius! looks so realistic! I will try to understand how you did it … :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

Here is my version of the hat…I gave it a different colour :slight_smile:

Thanks to you I learnt how to use the plant layer properly and how I can add a mask…Merci mille fois :smiley:

Oops forgot the file lol :smiley:
hat2.sifz (2.57 KB)

Cool! You got it! 8)
If you think that you have to shave to much off with the mask, you can change the Random Factor to 0.01. which makes it extra short and fury. (discovered that after my original post)
To get less realism you can lower the amount of splits and sprouts and raise the stem size.

Thank you…you’re a great teacher :slight_smile: