how can I add the new main page to the language list

hi,I’ve been translated a zh-tw version of main page
here is the page
but I don’t now how to add this page on the homepage language list

is that need some administrator to do so?or is there anything we can do?

please help me,I really like to share this great software in my own language

oh by the way
I also translate the Writer Documentation
I also want this page add to the language list of the main Writer Documentation page(
is there anyone can tell me how to do it?

In theory, just adding the slash and the language code it would automatically add the page to the language bar. There is not need for admin permit or such. It is possible that the combination zh-tw (is it a chinesse variant?) is not properly recognized. I’m not expert on wikimedia macros.

zh-tw is mean Taiwan
and we use the Traditional Chinese,not Simplified Chinese
zh just the sound of the word " 中文" (zhongwen)
it’s a lot of different between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

so,now there is no way we can add the page on the list?

You have to wait for the person (zelgadis) who wrote the macros for the language templates. He is on summer vacations.

well…may he have a good vacation then!

hmmm. really have to wait for zelgadis… tried just /tw, but no change…

Hi zelgadis
could you please help and take a look at this issue?
there are four language codes for Chinese language

Currently our wiki page can only recognize zh pages, and zh is used as simplified Chinese language code (should be zh-cn). other translated wiki page ( zh-tw pages for example) can not be display in the language menu of wiki page as mentioned in the above post.

thanks for your time.

I have added zh-tw to the language codes list.
I think we need some place for requesting new languages to add to the wiki…

Thank you.
And could you add zh-cn into the list as well? It is the language code for Simplified Chinese. and after that,the code zh can be removed.

Ok, just following your clear instructions of adding new language code, I did this change already.


Notice, that you need to rename all pages ending with “/zh” to “/zh-cn” then: … 2Fzh&go=Go