How and where to start

hey , i’m a newbie and really want to learn and contribute , can anyone please guide me or point me to some resources …


Hello there, you can first check the Dev docs
Welcome to Synfig developers documentation! — Synfig developers docs documentation
For more info on building Synfig, and other general related things.

Then regarding approaching the codebase, I believe diffrent things work for different people (I’d also say experience affects it). But Synfig is a huge project so for me what was best was to start with issues labeled “easy”, then you can gradually work on bigger ones and in the process you will find yourself coming in contact with a lot of different parts and understanding them more.

P.s. if you’re going to be doing GUI related work and you haven’t used GTK/qt/other similar GUI toolkits, you might find it also beneficial to read their tutorial you can go over it quickly or just go over the parts you need at the time you need it (again diffrent things for different people).

Hope you all the best in your journey :slight_smile: