Hooray Artem Konopolin fixed the svg hang

:sparkling_heart: Artem Konopolin
Windoze 10 port of Synfig no longer hangs with .svg file import. Brill!
Butt can it SHOW the .svg file contents???

Don’t make my cry again Synfig

I used to do what is told here: https://wiki.synfig.org/Doc:Svg2synfig

  • Open the .svg in Inkscape
  • Save/export as .sif/.sifz file
  • “File > import” into Synfig as a external resource. Remember that as a external resource, you must always have that external file.

I had just hoped that, as well as fixing a hanging executable, .svg files would be interpreted and imported now, not just ignored? Parsing to .sif through Inkscape is all very well but not having to is better. The first few times of hacking open a .sifz file to insert stuff was fun too, but a pain in the butt after the first few goes.

Synfig under Windoze so makes you learn the meaning of hope and the reality of workarounds. SOOOOOO many workarounds.
No, I can’t go Linux at home right now. Shared computer getting tight on space so partitioning the drive is difficult and who wants the kids getting jammy little fingers into grub? When I get time I’m working on a USB stick to boot to Linux and all the good open source software like Gimp and Blender and so on - like Iro OS but that works on my home PC - but busy busy busy you know?

Ah well at least there’s a showstopper bug all fixed and that’s a real plus. You go Artem!

The first few times of hacking open a .sifz file to insert stuff was fun too, but a pain in the butt after the first few goes.

If you are talking about inserting the .svg’s .sif into your project’s .sifz, you can try my Copy Layers utility: https://alfonsonishikawa.bitbucket.io/synfigtools/

I developed it when working with Synfig 1.3.6, but with simple projects I guess would work. The process is:

  1. Upload your .sifz project
  2. Upload the .sif/.sifz from .svg
  3. Copy the layers you want
  4. Download the resulting project (in .sif/.sifz)
  5. IMPORTANT: Open the resulting project in Synfig and save it again.. It seems Synfig is picky with the XML tags orderings. Can read them, but working with unsorted-in-its-way XML tags will crash.

If you have any problem or the application doesn’t work with a given project+sifz, you can open a ticket and upload the failing files at https://bitbucket.org/alfonsonishikawa/synfigtools/issues
(and thanks in advance for helping to improve the tool!)

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Really I opened things up to get some vectors in there , but I would love to see what you’ve done and I shall check it out. than kyou for sharing :sparkling_heart:

I love the way Synfig is supposed to work! Bring it on.

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The lesson 10 of the Synfig course in Gumroad explains where is the usefulness of linked imported files :slight_smile:

But once I stumbled upon your same issue wanting to insert a layer completely, and editing the XML is a hassle.

Edited: Just for one dolar! :slight_smile: