¡Hola! Hi!

Hi, I’m Enrique Barranco, and I know about Synfig for maybe a few years now, I read about it on Wikipedia. Just now start to learn it… As you can see, can’t write well in English so, I’ll be in the Spanish section the majority of time… and… yeah! I love Synfig and I’ll try my best, for doing great animation products with it. Thanks.

Hi Enrique!
Bienvenido a los foros!
Although there is Spanish sub forum, I always recommend to people that can write English that make the question in English (so the answer will be in English too) to make possible bring the solution of the problem to the maximum number of people possible.

Anyway, diviértete con Synfig!

Gracias Genete. That make sense. Me and my dictionary will make an effort to do it. Thanks again. We read you soon. Until then!

welcome here Enrique,

i often write rare frenchglish … but i’m still here in the ‘international’ forum … don’t worry about mixing cultures :wink:

Thank’s d.j.a.y, I will that way. :slight_smile:

bienvenido al lado oscuro del 2D :wink:
saludos :mrgreen:

Gracias mercury. :slight_smile: