History of Synfig Logo

I was just surfing the web and look what i’ve found.
deep darc » Making the Voria Logo (archive.org)


I know someone who even used the logo to make his avatar :stuck_out_tongue:
Voria may have cease its activity but its spirit is still with us :slight_smile:

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Maybe you should rename Synfig to Voria lol

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No, Synfig (formerly SINFG) is the open-source version of the software produced by Voria Studios (Company) for internal needs.
And it is a cold name (joke, in greek Voria -Βόρεια- means “North”)

What’s very interesting here is the idea that this software was made many years ago (close to 20 I believe) and even though the original author stopped being involved also many many years ago. Synfig still lived through all these years.