Hi all, I’m a complete beginner at this - found Synfig by a combination of internet search and recommendations.

I’m running version 1.2 on Yosemite, and I have a question:

In the youtube tutorial 4: creating shapes, the instructor says at 18:55 about setting a default blend method, " go to this option in your toolbox" but my toolbox has no panel. I see from the wiki entry that the ‘file’ menu has a ‘panel’ option, but mine doesn’t. I can’t see where to set a default value for anything …


this video (youtu.be/YeIam21c0n0) refers to an obsolete Synfig version.
The GUI has changed a lot since that time (almost 4 years !)
Now each tool has its own panel for parameters.
Just select a tool and the corresponding panel will appear :slight_smile: