Hi guys, I know some of you from the Anime Studio community, just thought I’d check in on how Synfig is coming along. I played around with the program a few years back, but haven’t used it since. Was impressed with the program but the windows version was a bit too buggy for me, and it didn’t seem to have an active developer community behind it, so am very curious to see how things have changed since then. Looking forward to joining the Synfig community!

That name rings a bell. You’ll be happy to hear that the windows version is a LOT more stable than when you last played with it. Most of the buggy code paths have been worked around now. We’re still short on developers, but there are two or three now playing with various aspects of the codebase.

Welcome back!

you here!!!
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Guys! this man is a myth in Anime Studio forum!!!
I hope you enjoy it and definitively love it!

Please pull directly my ears if you need some help on any aspect.
Whooa, can’t believe it! :smiley:


Hi Chris, that’s really good news. Synfig does point motion(duck motion?) better than any other animation program out there, so I hope to get a lot of mileage out of that one feature since that best imitates frame by frame. Nice meeting you and thanks! Also, don’t believe anything Genete wrote about me, I think he’s had too much coffee!

Genete, you’re the legend on the anime studio boards, not me! But I hope to contribute some work here, along with video tutorials once I get comfortable with Synfig. I’m beginning to see the importance of open source projects.