Hi, this is my Reel

Hello, good energy to everyone. This is my Reel, I hope you like it. Much of the work presented has been done with Synfig, but always using free software. Thank you very much for your time and attention.



Very good. The fact that you don’t shy away from difficult scenes is commendable. Like that one with a shark or with rotating girl was pretty hard to animate, I believe.

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Very good work, lots of different styles, serious and funny topics, bravo !!! :+1:
You just got a new subscriber :slight_smile:


Great work! [me after watching and then slowly going back into the abyss of animating bouncing balls]


Thanks a lot. It is something I do with great affection. I have loved cartoons since I can remember and I try to do my best even though I know there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Thanks a lot. They were made over many years. You’re my first subscriber, that’s great :smile:.

Thank you all very much for improving Synfig every day. We all start in Synfig with the red ball tutorial :grin:.

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