Hi! New Animator here - longtime cartoonist

Hi -

very much looking forward to learning synfig for 2D animation.

I have taken on the project of doing a limited animation music video (with only Windows Movie maker acting as an old-time animation camera) and want more options for future projects.

I have a lot of comic books that I published a few years back and would like to animate them, as well as other’s work.

I am asking for help; a mentor. I hope I find that here - I will really need it.

Where should I begin? Is there a good tutorial or online manual? Lessons?

If anyone wants any voice-over, please let me know.


Hello Thomas and welcome to Synfig.
I think the tutorials section is a good place to start. Check them out first, dive into Synfig and come back with more specific questions on issues you encounter. It’s always easier to answer those than a general how do I animate in Synfig question.

Again, welcome, we all hope you’ll enjoy Synfig!

Oh, very nice looking avatar! Reminds me of 70’s horror comics.

Hi Thomas!

This is a very friendly and helpful forum, so feel confortable diving in the documentation because any doubt you have will be answered (if we know the answer!).

Hey thanks for the link to the tutorial section! I wasn’t sure where I could find an introduction section, so I decided to post in the first thread I found (via StumbleUpon, naturally). I’m very much a newbie to animation, so it’s nice to see that there are other newbie animators out there too.

Anyway, I hope to meet you all soon…from one [newbie] animator to another. Peace! :smiley:

Hi CFan!
welcome to the forums!