hi i'm steff from deep france

hi all

how are you ?

such a surprise as a good software very good one as putting fingers in

well hi all

i just made my first animation yesterday

the keyframe is a gody good idea but i still have mistakes
as for example no find by the pdf the icon to LINK parts

my wanderer would be to use animations as animbrushs and
then give its a Bline but i didn’t found how

pleaz help me

regards to all , it’s a fantastic software

my website

Hi steff, welcome to the forums.

The closer to brushes that Synfig has can be emulated with this:

hope it helps


hi genete thanx for all :slight_smile:

then yes brushes will be usefull but i search for
example making a walk cycle to be an animbrush
and then use it on a Bspline

as anibrush under tvpaint or compos in compos in
after effect

but well after all this software is a real gold piece
, a friend of me told me about this ‘blender’ 2d version
and now i understand why :slight_smile:

regards to all