Hi, I'm new to Synfig

first of all guys, thanks for Synfig, it really fix a big hole in 2D animation in the open source world.

I read about Synfig some months ago, and the article said that it haves many bugs and its unstable, so I decided to ignore it and keep using Adobe Flash.

Now the time has come, and for me its very unreal to buy a Flash license because its too expensive (I live in Latin America, El Salvador), so I’ve decided to leave Flash (temporarily) and put efforts in learning and contributing to Synfig. I think my Flash background could help me to do some nice things using Synfig. I just hope I can contribute in something.

one bug is (well…i don’t know if you could call it a bug!) the fact that synfig opens in FIVE separate windows (at least in Windows Vista!), instead of the usual one!

Coolname007, please stop talking about that everywhere. It is a well known issue but not the first issue of synfig. If you want to help us (that I start believing that you don’t) report the bug in Sourceforge, if it is not already reported, AND contribute to solve it. Lots of people has tell you that this is a bug, yes, but solve it is very difficult and the bug importance is low, so search for a bit of patience and be constructive.

Glad to hear that.
As my signature says there are many places to contribute to synfig.
The first thing to do is to do animations with it and publish everywhere. The wiki is a good place to start to learn (synfig.org) read the Documentation page and do the basic tutorials.
Ask here or in the #synfig IRC if you have specific issues.
If you have a bug please let us know. Once confirmed please report to bug tracker.

Welcome :slight_smile: