Hi, i am Arifin

hello, my name is arifin. glad to join in this forum.

i work as a cosmetic packaging designer (let’s call it that).

since vocational school, I studied coreldraw and it made me familiar with vector graphics.

I am interested in making a mockup animation of cosmetic packaging that I make as a presentation to a client or for other commercial purposes, hahaha …

when I first tried synfig … I was very confused by the object handles and tools. it’s like not being able to tamper with the object even with the right tools.

i know i have to learn more especially in that part. but … will all of them be changed to be more “user friendly”? at least like what’s in inkscape, because it is the thing that can speed up our work.

Hello and welcome!

Sure. Will be nice, if you share your opinion and thoughts about how to improve it.