Hi Hi Hi!


I’m a programmer, graphic designer and all around oddball who’s stumbled across the wonder that is Synfig! I’m a long-term GIMP and especially Inkscape user and live in a very pleasant little open source world.

Thanks in advance for the huge amount of help you’re all going to give me, and apologies in advance for being a bit obtuse…

Also I’ve long been looking for an entry point into the FOSS community in terms of pushing fixes, however whilst I’m reasonably comfortable from the software perspective, I’m not used to most of the collaboration, cooperation and SCM etiquette. So if anyone is willing to steer me through all of that, I’d be pretty keen to start giving back in terms of code.

All the very best,


Welcome here Calorus,

Look like my own little story… i have started working in the wiki/doc (i’m still doing some stuff there) in order to learn deeply the software… maybe a good entry point before you send beautiful fixies … actually, the spanish language need some terminology rewriting… :wink:

wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Dev:Sprints … erminology