Hi (from the Netherlands)


some people dream of endless riches or fame. Others dream of making the world a better place or to advance society as a whole with cool inventions or scientific contributions. My dream is to make an animated series about annoying celebrities. The format is that they are really authentically behaving like themselves and as a consequence die a violent, cartoonesque death within three minutes (though preferably earlier). I focus on Dutch celebrities since I’m Dutch, but celebrities are the same everywhere. I could bring up all kinds of motivations about the decline of western society, the destructive nature of present-day popular culture or the necessity of controversy in art. But in the end I just want to make something that is funny.

I came really close to my dream a couple of years ago with Toon Boom Studio (which has really good auto lip-sync). But the authors decided that it was a good idea to make whatever you draw on one computer completely useless on the other. And then my old computer died and I had to buy a new one, so I lost all my libraries. Depressed and defeated I gave up… until I found out about Synfig a few months ago. At the moment I am experimenting with character design, action scenes and rotoscoping explosions.

Happy to be part of this community,

Kale Kip