Hi, from San Francisco

Installed Synfig last week on Windows 10. Took a few days of remembering the limitations of Pencil 2D and a bunch of searching to figure out how to animate a bunch of images. (.lst doesn’t seem to be working with other layers. Images stop at the second image in the list.) Making a video to tell people about our nonprofit project, Care For Us. We are working on making affordable housing in the US available.

Can someone tell me how to rescale or resize the Timetrack? I somehow zoomed in and can’t figure out how to zoom back out. Thanks.

Hi, good day. The project sound good :blush: im a win10 synfig user too.

About the timetrack, according this link: https://wiki.synfig.org/Timebar

To change the scale of the Timeline put your mousepointer over the grey frame ruler and use your mouse wheel to zoom in or out.