Hi from Ireland

Hi, everybuddy
I have just joined today. I don’t know if this is my first time or second time. I might have joined before, but I can’t remember. My memory is so baaaaad. Never mind that. I am from Ireland. The weather here is damp and cool. I hope I don’t get caught in the rain this evening.
I am interested in Synfig, though I am struggling with learning it. I love Synfig and want to use it. At present, I am trying Synfig for motion graphics.
Hope you all have a good day.

See ye.
Rita. :slight_smile:

Welcome here !

If you don’t already found it, Synfig Studio has a nice step by step manual and a lot of beginner to advanced tutorials. Also you could be interested in the synfig training course, finally, those forums are a huge knowledge data base (search is you friend).

Welcome RitaGeraghty! :slight_smile:

Thanks all. :slight_smile: