Hi from Austin, TX


I’m a fairly new Synfig user (and new used to all kinds of animation) saying hello. I’ve been lurking on the forums for a little while, but figured I’d register. While they aren’t kidding about the learning curve being steep, Synfig is really powerful and has been a lot of fun to learn. I run a Twitter/Facebook account for my pet hedgehog and I’ve done a lot of work with Photoshop for art/visual jokes (and made a humor/art book for fans that’s doing pretty well too), and am making little animated shorts tied to that kind of thing.

I’ve been at it for a couple weeks now, I had a goal of making a full animated short with a story and characters expressing some emotions and managed to get that going pretty quickly:


Many thanks to the developers for making something that you can get to that point in pretty quickly and thanks for the extensive docs/tutorials.

I’d wanted to make some Godzilla-style videos with a hedgehog kaiju for a while, and while it’s hokey, it’s really cool to be able to produce a thing like this:


I also made a little montage of art with Synfig that was a mix of Ken Burns and small animations that got really great responses:


So again, thanks to the devs/volunteers for the great work. I’m hoping I’ll reach a point of familiarity that i might be able to eventually help with docs. In my day job I’m a software engineer (Linux networking apps and web stuff), so maybe I might be able to help with higher level things.

great animations, it’s funny and i really like that art style :smiley:. Synfigstudio is good choice, it’s powerful and still in develop. Wiki is very helpful, even if you don’t need anything you can find there something that will be useful in the future :wink: