Hi everyone

I’m Spuggiehawk, a software consultant with a growing interest in digital art and animation. I’ve been working with Blender for a few years, but more recently, I’ve started trying to do more hand-drawn art (still mainly digital). I’ve just started looking at animation and if I can find some way to avoid Adobe, I’m all for it :slight_smile:

I’ve joined the forum and Wiki site because this morning I was trying to work out how Synfig deals with scene changes, but the Wiki was way out of date. Having worked out all the steps that I was missing, I’ve re-written the page on the Wiki. If someone would care to give it a proof-reading to check that it’s all OK, I’d be grateful.


If anyone can be bothered to have a look at my first (very silly) animation, you can find that on Newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/671751


Hello spuggiehawk and welcome here,

I d’nt still take the time to review the text of your modif’, but already waat to say thanx for contrib.

Some remarks;

  • when you doc, try to don’t put synfig version number relation … and even less when it’s related to a no release version (1.1.7 is a devellopment version)
  • think about intra links, formating … wiki.synfig.org/Meta:Template_Style_And_Syntax
  • take has you can has example others nice documentation pages / tutorials …
  • take a look to writer documentation pages.

Hi d.j.a.y,

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I’ve taken out the reference to the version as you suggested.

I added that in my update because when I first read the page, I was confused and frustrated by the fact that it was for a different version of Synfig, but that didn’t become clear until I had spent some time trying to work out what I was doing wrong :smiley:

I hope that I can find a bit more time to contribute.

Warmly welcome :wink: a lot of pages needs review and upgrade to v1.x series.

Can you re-upload the final project has .zip : the imported files are missing.

From my side, i have done my review and 2cents of formating : wiki.synfig.org/Switching_Scenes